Email Providers

Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook seem to dominate the email world, but none of them take your privacy seriously. Gmail gives third parties access to information inside your account and they even have the ability to target ads to you based on what’s inside your inbox. Look to the options below for privacy respecting email providers.

Use Instead Of: Gmail, Hotmail, Office 365, Yahoo.

Provider Server Storage Cost / Year Encryption Custom Domains
Switzerland 500 MB Free Built-in Yes
Germany 1 GB Free Built-in Yes
Germany 2 GB 12 € Built-in Yes
Australia 2 GB $30 Built-in Yes
Germany 2 GB 12 € Built-in No
Netherlands 25 GB 29 € No Yes
Switzerland 2 GB $60 No Yes
Netherlands 10 GB $59.95 Built-in Yes
Canada 25 GB $29.95 No Yes