ThinkPrivacy: Powered by Namecheap

ThinkPrivacy is excited to announce we have been accepted into the “Powered by Namecheap” program. This program will allow us to grow our site and expand our offerings to the privacy community.

Namecheap has shown they have a dedication to privacy and offer a handful of privacy services to their customers. When taking into account ThinkPrivacy’s mission of making privacy accessible to everyone, and Namecheap making privacy simply while also making the online world of starting a blog, opening a business, and even branding your business so simple, we felt it made sense to work with them as our own project continues to grow.

Keeping in line with ThinkPrivacy’s policy of not using affiliate links, we link to Namecheap in our footer now, and it is a non-affiliate link with no tracking attached to it.

We look forward to continuing to best service the site’s visitors and look forward to what lies ahead for us.


Dan Arel

Dan Arel is an author, journalist, activist, and privacy expert whose work can be seen on Hackernoon, HuffPost, AlterNet, Salon, Time, The New Arab, and more

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