Privacy at Home

As privacy advocates, we often discuss what steps we take to personally secure our lives and devices yet rarely do we talk about the steps we take to do the same for those around us, more specifically, our families.

Like many of you, I have children and they are growing up in the digital age. They have e-readers, tablets, computers, video game consoles, and even cell phones. There are so many points of contact with big tech, or even strangers online it’s hard to keep track.

According to a recent survey by Startpage, nearly 40% of parents didn’t know that corporations could create and monetize their child’s digital footprint. Of the same percent, parents were unaware that bad actors could even sell their child’s information on the dark web.

Thankfully, there’s a lot you can do to keep your children’s data private and help keep them safe online.

First, it does start with you. Restrictions on screen time, password protecting app store installs that your children don’t know and deciding what devices can and cannot access the internet. When one of my children ask to download a new game, I quickly check what it needs access to work, what kind of data do I need to give it?

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Dan Arel

Dan Arel is an author, journalist, activist, and privacy expert whose work can be seen on Hackernoon, HuffPost, AlterNet, Salon, Time, The New Arab, and more

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