Browsing in Private: “Anonymous View” vs Private Mode

One of the most misunderstood features on most modern browsers is Private Mode, or sometimes called Incognito mode. When I am offering advice on measures people can take in their privacy such as using a private search engine or a VPN, I am told, “I don’t need those, I use private browsing mode all the time.” Worse, I have seen people in office environments using private browsing on their work computers, visiting personal sites such as social media or shopping.

This is because a vast majority of people who use private browsing, unfortunately, don’t understand the limitations of the feature. In a recent study, 54% of people who use private browsing claim to use it to hide from the websites they visit, while 20% used it to hide from the internet provider. Two things private browsing absolutely does not protect users from.

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Dan Arel

Dan Arel is an author, journalist, activist, and privacy expert whose work can be seen on Hackernoon, HuffPost, AlterNet, Salon, Time, The New Arab, and more

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