Cloud Storage & Sync

Cloud storage is a convenient way to keep files synced to all of your devices, but not all companies respect that these are your files. Dropbox, Google, and others can terminate your account or lock you out without warning, leaving you with no way to access your files. Worse, some even write into their terms of service that they have a right to read and use your files as needed.

Some of the services below allow you self-host on your own home servers such as a Raspberry Pi, but for those who want to let another company manage their servers, we recommend hosting at DigitalOcean or Namecheap.

Use Instead Of: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Sync, iCloud.



This is the top option for those more interested in self-hosting their cloud files. While some services do offer NextCloud as a subscription, I highly recommended going the self-hosted route with this.


Tresorit -

$12 / mo

Secure, encrypted, zero-knowledge cloud file storage. Cross platform and easy to use. This is a great solution for backing up your files, but does not work as a great solution for a Dropbox replacement as the mobile app lacks features.


Etesync -

$24 / yr or self-host

EteSync is a secure, end-to-end encrypted, and privacy-respecting personal information (e.g. contacts and calendar) cloud synchronization and backup for Android, iOS, the web and any other OS (using a CalDAV/CardDAV bridge).