Tips for Protecting Your Privacy while Working from Home

People around the world are now starting to realize working from home may be the new “normal” for some time to come. While many have found this to be relaxing, easier, and perhaps just works better for their already busy schedules in general, it does pose some issues.

We are starting to perhaps become too comfortable with these arrangements and letting our guard down a little. When you’re sitting at your office, it’s hard to forget you’re at work, connected to their network, knowing that if they wish they can monitor your activity or track your time with greater ease.

Yet at home, we start to let those walls down. Sure we’ve been sitting at our computers for hours, but you need a break, you want to read up on some news, or check out the sales happening online as businesses try to retain customers during this pandemic.

Or perhaps you’re not on your work network and you need to send a confidential file to a coworker, so you just send it via email or a file-sharing site that you found quickly online.

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Dan Arel

Dan Arel is an author, journalist, activist, and privacy expert whose work can be seen on Hackernoon, HuffPost, AlterNet, Salon, Time, The New Arab, and more

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